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Our ultimate vision is to enlighten, inspire, surprise, and transport people to destinations they’ve never before imagined.
— Jean-Charles Boisset


Explore the World of Boisset with Alchemy of the Senses Book & Tour

It has long been Jean-Charles’ dream to curate and create a “wine” book that speaks not only of tannins and barrels, but also emotions and fantasies, hope and imagination. Wine is a transformative elixir that transports us into another dimension of passion. Wine is alive; it vibrates with feelings and memories yet to be crafted. Wine is a powerful catalyst ready to transform.

Jean-Charles created the Alchemy of the Senses book as an experiential voyage through your dreams, your emotions, your senses, and your passions—all inspired by wine!  The book is an opportunity to experience the limitless dimensions of wine. In connection with the book, which was released in December, Jean-Charles Boisset will embark on a national, transformational tour in 2019 to share his world, from wine, spirits and cider to jewelry, perfume, candles and glassware.

Every element, energy, plant, and creature has a role to play in our interdependent cosmos.
— Jean-Charles Boisset